I don’t think that distinction is meaningful in any way, especially when you’re well into adulthood. Many cis women have grown up completely detached from any traditional notion of womanhood being foisted upon them from birth, and are still considered by the GC to perfectly fit the . It strikes me as odd that gender criticals, who are according to you unconcerned with what constitutes femininity, are still miffed about someone who they consider has been socialized as male, even though a gender-agnostic framework necessitates that no one really grew up as either male or female, they just are.

So like, stick to a script. Don’t keep moving the goalpost as it suits you. If you guys keep changing your tune depending on what I say, then there’s no possible scenario in which I’ll be able to address your concerns. This piece is informed by my many interactions with people on the forefront of TERF ideology in the UK — if they feel I’m misrepresenting them, well… that’s not on me to remedy.

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