If you think a minority is truly capable of expressing racist sentiment in any way that is actionable against a dominant majority, you’re sorely mistaken. Moreover, as has been said ad nauseam, Sarah Jeong’s case was one of a concerted effort to get her fired because of what was ultimately a joke. Bret Stephens did not write a tweet about it — he wrote an entire column arguing for the superiority of Ashkenazi Jews’ genes. The two aren’t even remotely comparable.

If you’re going to further argue this, then we’re at a stalemate. This is a case of false equivalency, and frankly, it sounds like you’re basically regurgitating a version of the “if you fire a conservative, then fire a liberal” fallacy, which does not work because the views I’m arguing against are not innately conservative or liberal, that is unless you think racism has an inherent conservative tinge, which I wouldn’t disagree with, but it’s already revealing so much of your internal bias that I’m not willing to spend any more of my precious time unpacking.

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