Just so you’re aware of the background history between me and Sophia, she’s been holding a grudge ever since I called her out for working with Colin Moriarty back in 2019 when she reported on the ESA unintentionally making publicly available the private information of 2k journalists when it had been apparent that increased exposure to it would bring about undesirable consequences. Many of them were followed up with death threats from an ever-so-contemptuous Gamergate, and instead of owning up to that, she kept name-searching herself on my time-line through my attempts to not mention her by name or intentionally censoring it so I don’t get dogpiled. That’s not even mentioning the instances where she told me in private correspondence that to stop the harassment of her followers from happening, I’d have to take down my pieces.

If you want to stick up for Sophia, at least have your facts straight. You can’t have it both ways. You claim to be a rational, right? Well fucking act like it.

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Blogger with a focus on internet culture, content creators, and occasionally politics.

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