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Courtesy of Lucy Martin on Twitter.

Lucy Martin Is a Great Teacher with Serious Photography Chops

I haven’t been much for photo editing even back when it seemed like that would be a skill I’d have to use in a future work environment that’s getting increasingly demanding of dexterous knowledge and flexibility as the age of digital soars well above traditional media. The arts especially have come under a new light as a new generation of creators is trying to get those to whom educational material was unavailable, a chance to start anew and perhaps gain pace in a world where the youngest seem to outpace the oldest at every single turn. New cultural norms are getting established on the regular, and content creation as unintuitive as it might’ve seemed even five years ago, is now a required learning even for those who don’t plan to make of it a lucrative endeavor.

Lucy Martin holding a Sony RX 100.
Lucy testing out the Fuji X-T3.

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