My opinion is that cancel culture exists, only what we often refer to as cancel culture isn’t actually cancel culture. (I mention this distinction in the piece) Criticism of cancel culture often comes from people who are taking aim at industry juggernauts (like Chappelle and Gervais in comedy) but ContraPoints has no such caliber. She’s more vulnerable than the average public figure to attempts to deplatform her based on bogus claims, and that just further plays into the toxicity of a harassment campaign masquerading itself as righteous retribution.

No matter what you may think of what Wynn did, no offense is big enough save for actual felonies, that warrants thousands of dehumanizing and disparaging comments about one’s character — even more so when they know of the person they’re criticizing very little. If you want to make a qualitative judgement about a person’s actions, fine — but like Contra said in her video, abstracting “Contra allowed Buck to read a few lines” to “Contra is truscum” is just not true.

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