No they shouldn’t, and I’m not attacking anybody. I’m just stating the facts. And what they are in this case, is that Peterson had made himself a habit of discarding the collective affect of negative social externalities, and focused the remedy to his followers’ woes on personal reform — it doesn’t matter if the mechanism is anti-depressants. I’m clinically depressed, and I take them too. The problem is that he’s essentially positing their grief as something only *they* can solve, and only *the left* should be blame for perpetuating, as per his remarks on socially-prescribed forced marriages.

The point of this piece isn’t to attack Jordan Peterson — though I have a personal qualm with him given my religious affiliation and the way he’s talked about mass shooters before — it’s to point out that his meat-savvy diet was introduced as a living testimony to his methodology success. Only the problem is, it failed. Given his argument on other issues hinges on the same rationale, it’s not wise for anyone to take his advice seriously. Instead, they should listen to *actual* psychologists and *actual* philosophers who’ve done the work beyond Peterson’s empty platitudes.

Also, what I wrote isn’t libel. It’s called “culture criticism”. And the culture I’m criticizing is the high pedestal some people put Peterson on when he’s got no fucking idea what he’s talking about.

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