You’re drilling at the core of what ContraPoints’ complaint was. I think Natalie is just upset that the consensus we ended up forming around pronoun discourse is “Everyone is a they until proven otherwise” and I think that’s a reasonable thing to get upset over, whether it engenders dysphoria or not.

Though I think that is mostly besides the point. Natalie had to lock down her Twitter due to harassment, and has now hired someone to oversee her social media presence. That’s a pretty fucked up outcome for people like me who followed Natalie with the full caveat that her flaws are what makes her an interesting fixture in the trans discourse.

The point of this article wasn’t as much a defense of Contra as it is trying to flesh out the meaning of her tweets which continued to be taken out of context. I’m not as actively invested in the discourse as the anti-Contra brigade. It’s mostly a culture war issue from where I’m standing.

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