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Internet culture scribe with an interest in the digital economy, content creators, media and politics.

Cesspits of toxicity they may become, they’re still invaluable pieces of our long-storied digital history.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Humans are social beings, and even in the absence of physical proximity, the internet is still an outlet for them to form communities and seek rapport. The process often starts out earnest: A few people congregate along a common interest, others with similar inclinations follow suit, and the construct soon resembles its analogue in meatspace. …

Absurd as Eric André in his humor, his oration succinct and concise, Samsen’s identity as a creator is distinct and unique.

Courtesy of Noah Samsen on YouTube.

It’s been a while since I was genuinely impressed by a fresh discovery on YouTube, and yet Noah Samsen managed to accomplish this nigh-impossible feat upon first viewing of an hour-long introduction to BreadTube, a space I’ve been documenting, covering and interviewed several subjects of for a few years now. While Samsen has been making and posting videos since an early age, his current style didn’t quite mature into its ultimate form until recently. …

The latest in a saga of consecutive blows dealt to the fourth estate.

Pictured above is Vice magazine’s co-founder and former CEO Shane Smith. Courtesy of Flickr by Heisenberg Media. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

In digital media, nothing seems a l’abris from spontaneous dissolution, and it seems like a good portion of Vice’s written news business is on the chopping block as news broke of mass layoffs in a bid to pivot to video. …

When you fight to make your renegade views mainstream, the act eventually loses its edge.

Courtesy of Flickr by Geoff Livingston. Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Everything on the internet rules by decree of capturing attention, and as it so happens, pursuing it nefariously can be most-lucrative. This is the playbook Andrew Sullivan has typically run–since his earliest days of writing on the internet, he’s amassed an audience for whom critical inquiry plays second fiddle to the allure of contrarianism. He’s like Glenn Greenwald in that way, but perhaps more intentional and less naive about the role he’s been playing in the blogosphere for the longest.

Some might find Sullivan’s embrace of conservative ideas puzzling in light of his non-adherence to heterosexuality, but to him, conservatism…

“Socialism is when poor and destitute” as a value statement should go extinct.

Courtesy of HasanAbi on YouTube.

To have Left Twitter pulsate under the heavy influence of yet another prominent leftist figure being scrutinized for something completely benign isn’t an uncommon occurrence, and if BreadTubers were mostly the victims of prior installments in this saga, now it’s streamers’ turn to pay penance–on Thursday, all hell broke loose as news of Hasan Piker buying a $2.74 million house in West Hollywood made the rounds, and it predictably devolved into a whole discourse on just how much are self-avowed socialists allowed to own before they’re considered defectors and agents of the bourgeoisie.

Some of you may already be puzzled…

When socialism is an aesthetic, not a set of ideals to live by.

Courtesy of Current Affairs on YouTube.

It’s not like leftist media hasn’t already been in a lamentable state, but the latest courtesy of Nathan J. Robinson bookends a saga one could only conceive of in fairytales. Once self-proclaimed vanguard of socialist ideals and the very author of a book titled “Why You Should be a Socialist” pulled a fast one on his staff at Current Affairs — one of very few still prominent leftist magazines in America — by firing almost every member when they tried to organize under a workers’ co-op.

The news first broke when Lyta Gold — frequent contributor to the magazine —…

On the merits of scientific discourse within leftist communities, the Intellectual Dark Web, content creation, and so much more.

Courtesy of Cass Eris on YouTube.

When starting a new creative venture, one can almost never foretell if the winds of good fortune may blow their way. Yet aware of ballooning interest in leftist content online, cognitive psychologist Cass Eris didn’t know if audiences would take to her perspective on leftist politics–after all, there was no reason to believe a field dominated by philosophy, economics and the occasional hint of media analysis would suddenly warm itself up to a more scientific slant of those very same analyses. …

Inside is now my forever refuge.

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Now that we’re back in the throes of COVID as the Delta variant sweeps across the globe, our long-held hope for a return to normalcy following a substantial uptake in vaccinations has become all but fictitious. Back in March of last year, I was already prepared for the worst–scenes from the United States weren’t particularly inspiring, so I had to anchor much of my daily in what didn’t require exposure to the outside world. Lockdowns that seemed on the cusp of being lifted are now back on the menu, and so is my full embrace of the hermit lifestyle.


When framed like so, TERFs’ intense fervor does make a lot more sense.

Courtesy of Flickr by Ted Eytan. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Some might be wondering why I haven’t done much coverage of TERFs over the last little while — considering their outings have gotten increasingly frequent — and the truth is I didn’t think there was anything else to talk about beyond what was already said–they’re a band of hard-to-satisfy petulant children with a primitive understanding of gender, so it wouldn’t serve much use to keep arguing with them on concepts they do not fundamentally possess the acumen to properly debate and dissect. …

At this point, it’d be folly to assume it has any rhyme or reason.

Screenshot of the tweet that spurred this most-recent controversy.

Seven years out from the first violent outings of Gamergate and it seems as though we’re nowhere closer to solving the puzzle of what the movement actually seeks, if only for their inconsistent demands as evidenced by the latest round of criticism levied against Kotaku for embracing candor in their journalistic output, something they’ve long been reproached for steering clear of. …

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